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“ ‘ReRack ReStore,’ What is it and What is it really about?”

“ ‘ReRack ReStore,’ What is it and What is it really about?”

By: James Brown


What is it to restore something, some may say it is to bring something old, maybe even damaged, and repair it to Like New quality. Then others may say it is to give it a little polish and shine, make it look nice again. What does restore mean to you? 

I once overheard someone comment "what's the point of restoring something anyway's. Isn't it best to Start over and buy new......" Then his wife said to him, why waste your time on something you don't know if it has lasting value, something that has no memories, or a lifetime of memories attached to it. Yes you will have something shiny and new, but in the meantime you have given up hope in giving new life to what should be cherished. You will have regrets, you never fixed what was wrong, so now it is a eye sore slowly rotting away. It will Cause you heartache, pain, and suffering as it loses value due to neglect."    

Obviously, it has value and worth, it has memories attached to it, and after it is restored, it will become more valuable than ever. We are not just talking about material objects, we are also talking about people, and their lives.We don't just sell, "Like New" quality item's at our resell store. We are in the business of restoring lives. Bringing new hope to those society has given up hope on.

 It's was a true statement the wife made, If you give up hope on someone, they will lose value, to themselves, their family and friends, neighbors, and community in a whole. They will become a eyesore, they will truly begin to rot away, cause pain, suffering, and heartache. That is why society should never give up those who may have made mistakes and Bad choices. Neglect is the root cause of the continuing growth of crime and disfunction. 

ReRack ReStore's key function is to put donated item's back on the racks (ReRack) so we can gain much needed finances to  ReStore lives, ReStore families, and ReStore Hope. ReRack ReStore is owned by Christian New Creation, Inc. , Isaiah/Providence houses. They are more than Halfway Houses, they are a rehabilitative community, for those coming out of prison. CNC,Inc. help's to restore them, by showing them alternative paths, through charity work,Donation's for weekly food drive, A.A. classes, mentorship, job placement, and much more.

Sometimes the best way to help those who have been neglected for so long is to allow them to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Something that help's to expresses love, care, responsibility. We encourage residents to get involved with our community outreach program's such as, Donation Pickup/Deliveries, Food Drive's, and our Community Resale Store.

These activities help them to get involved with the community in a positive manner. Replacing past negative lifestyles, with positive activities. They learn they have the ability to fit in, change lives, rebuild the community, and people appreciate them. Which Leads to Change and Rebuilding Lives, that of their communities, their there on life. Most importantly they Learn they have the ability to build a better and brighter future.


  • Want a chance to get involved in something much bigger than self.
  • Want to Help change lives for the better.
  • Would you like to be a Mentor or Sponsor.
  • Like to make a financial donation.

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